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The new album Drunk Sluts Forever comprises 10 songs about life, death, addiction, suicide, betrayal, American nationalism—and one really sassy T-shirt—by LA-based musician and writer, Liam Gowing. A DIY project recorded largely in a six-month span between 2011 and 2012 (then delayed by a serious bout of tinnitus), it features Gowing on multiple layers of vocals and an extensive array of instruments—guitar, bass, piano, drums, harmonica, recorder, tambourine, castanets and shakers as well as (through the magic of a MIDI keyboard) organ, synth, electric piano, vibraphone, steelpan, strings, horns and woodwinds—along with a smattering of public domain sound effects and percussion loops. The result is an eclectic assemblage of maximalist power pop encrusted with chunks of stoner rock, psychedelic funk, surrealist disco and electronica plus a Gothic-cum-sci-fi Western instrumental, two or three classical interludes, a hip-hop influenced funeral march and even a quasi-country tune complete with a Bluegrass guitar solo.

Instigated by 1000 Clowns alum Jerry “Mr” Pao, who volunteered to perform engineering duties in exchange for a place to crash (the master bedroom of course), the recording sessions were mixed by guitarist and onetime DJ Bill O’Neil. Turned over to Jon Griffin at LunaZen Studios for a penultimate polish, the final results were mastered for compact disc by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering.

—For sale now on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

A cavalcade of ’70s grindcore and B-movie clips assiduously assembled by multimedia wunderkind Neal Gardner over audio tracks from the forthcoming album, the Drunk Sluts Forever promo film takes its storyline from the album’s song titles. It tells the sad tale of IT’S ALL SUGAR, who is forced to say SO LONG to her happy home—PURDIZZY (ON SATURDAY)—by the evil PINOCCHIO NOSE. Forcibly addicted to THE PERFECT PARASITE and lured into becoming one of his DRUNK SLUTS FOREVER, our heroine is made to PARTY DOWN all day, e’ry day. Lost in a world of horrible pleasures, things became so bad for Sugar that she considers resorting to THE SUICIDE MACHINE but thanks to a little help from TRANSITIONAL BOB she takes revenge on her kidnapper and makes good her RELEASE. Thank heavens.

After completing his mixes for Drunk Sluts Forever, Bill O’Neil was so stoked on the record that he demanded Gowing put a band together to play it out, then helped assemble a core group of longtime musical collaborators to do so, including himself on guitar, Ali Sagheb on bass and Eric Allgood—best known for his mid-aughts work with soul-infused garage rockers the BellRays—on drums. The resulting band, the Family Jewels, wouldn’t be complete without “the Lady Larynxes”—Audrey Tess Casey and Michelle Anne Johnson on harmonies (there are a LOT) and backing vocals.