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New song “Binary Code” out now!

Visit SoundCloud to check out an unreleased track by Liam and his friend and occasional collaborator Neal Gardner. Originally set aside for an electro project that never quite reached fruition, “Binary Code (Where Lonely Hearts Go)” represents an entirely new approach for Gowing, who wrote and sang the lyrics and played the leads over the catchy, relentless synth track programmed by Gardner. A tart response to OKCupid founder Christian Rudder, who falsified the compatibility ratings between unknowing OKCupid users in an attempt to generate compelling data for his book “Dataclysm,” the song was clearly influenced by the work of Depeche Mode and New Order… And we like it!

Drunk Sluts Forever submitted for three Grammy Awards

Drunk Sluts Forever has been added to the nominating ballot for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in the categories of “Best Pop/Rock Album” and “Album of the Year” while Liam himself is up for “Best New Artist.” The official submission—made by a great supporter of Liam’s music who is also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences—is currently just in the first round of Grammy nominations, which NARAS members will be deciding upon this week and next, so it’s hardly a marquee moment. But it’s certainly nice to be considered a contender by one’s more established peers even if the odds of actually winning an award are remote.

VideoStatic premieres “Purdizzy (On Saturday)” music video

VideoStatic is hosting the online premiere of the second music video from the Drunk Sluts Forever album—”Purdizzy (On Saturday)”—directed by Mario Mabe TODAY. Check it out here!

I'm still wrapped up in my felicity even though I know Chi Chi Navarro steals my electricity

I’m still wrapped up in my felicity even though I know Chi Chi Navarro steals my electricity

DJs at KCRW, KDGE, WWCD & KFMA spinning Drunk Sluts Forever

Apparently not every DJ in America is afraid of a naughty album title, because Santa Monica’s KCRW, Dallas’s KDGE, TX, Columbus’s WWCD and Tucson’s KFMA are just four of the radio stations who’ve taken a shine to Liam Gowing’s music, pushing Drunk Sluts Forever into the Top 20 on the national KKBB Specialty Show Radio Charts and keeping it there for the last three weeks in a row.

Here’s a semi-complete list of the radio stations and programs, which have spun tracks from the album thus far:
KACV Amarillo, TX: “Under The Radar” & “Indie Show” 6x
KCRW Los Angeles, CA “Aaron Byrd” with fill-in host Valida Carroll
KDGE Dallas, TX: “Adventure Club”
KFMA Tucson, AZ: “Test Department” 2x
KPFK Los Angeles, CA: “Head Room” 2x
KXRN Laguna, CA: “Unsigned Sunday” + Interview Completed – In Medium Rotation 11x AGAIN this past week
RIFF2 Detroit, MI: “Undercover Sound System”
THE THING San Antonio, TX: 11x this past week
WESN Bloomington, IL: “The Quaker Goes Deaf”
WWCD Columbus, OH: “Invisible Hits Hour”
WZNE Rochester, NY: “Music Intervention”

Liam issues press release in the face of censorship controversy: US DJs refusing to play Drunk Sluts Forever because of the title

DJs at several American radio stations—including KCMP in St. Paul, WMLB in Atlanta, and YNOT internet radio in Philadelphia—who have received copies of “Drunk Sluts Forever,” have either refused to play any of the album tracks because of the album name or have expressed their intent to suppress the title from the airwaves. Concerned that many are misinterpreting the intent behind the title and upset over what amounts to a priori censorship, Liam issued the following press release today to explain the name once and for all.

KX 93.5 DJ Marc “Mookie” Kaczor declares album “an instant indie-rock classic” during on-air interview and acoustic set

To hear Liam’s entire interview with the former 91X DJ and current KX 93.5 FM music director, plus live on-air acoustic versions of “Pinocchio Nose” and “The Perfect Parasite,” go to Mookie’s podcast page or his Spreaker page or his SoundCloud page. FYI, the live version of “Pinocchio Nose” commences at 22:37 and the live version of “The Perfect Parasite” begins at 31:14.

Interview & live set on Laguna Beach’s KX 93.5 FM at 4pm Tuesday

KX 93.5 FM’s music director Marc “Mookie” Kaczor: Weekdays 3-7pm

KX 93.5 FM’s music director Marc “Mookie” Kaczor: Weekdays 3-7pm

Liam will be joing KX 93.5 FM’s music director Marc “Mookie” Kaczor on Tuesday, Jan. 28th to discuss the writing and recording of Drunk Sluts Forever, to spin a handful of tracks off the album and to perform a couple selections live in the studio. If you’re in Orange County and receive the station’s Laguna Beach signal, tune into 93.5 FM at 4pm sharp to listen. Otherwise you can listen live from the station’s website.

BuzzBands.LA champions LG’s “madcap” music video

Dispensing mirth as medicine to the readers of BuzzBands.LA on “Blue Monday,” Kevin Bronson writes “your prescription should include three minutes with the video for Liam Gowing’s ‘The Perfect Parasite’… from Gowing’s ‘Drunk Sluts Forever,’ his all-over-the-map debut that was named with a wink and played with abandon.”

Filter Magazine premieres “The Perfect Parasite” music video, directed by Cannes Bronze Lion Award-winner Steven Hanft

Proffering the “dark comedy that might just give you that pick-me-up you need,” Filter Magazine hosted the online premiere of The Perfect Parasite, the first music video from Drunk Sluts Forever, on December 21, 2013.

Produced by Ashley-Martin Dunn and written by Liam, the video was directed by Cannes Film Festival Bronze Lion Award-winning filmmaker Steven Hanft, who directed the classic music videos “Loser” and “Where It’s At” for Beck, the long-form documentary “Strange Parallel” for Elliott Smith, and other noted videos for the Cure, Primal Scream and Phoenix.

Showing a mad world (nothing like our own, of course ;-)) in which everything one can ingest is suddenly replaced with pharmaceutical pills, the vid features Jennifer Rosetto as the troubled protagonist, Jeffrey O’Connell as the weed dealer, Lizeth Bejarano Gardner as the coke siren, Dennis Neder as the bathroom pharmacist and Holly Catarancuic as the junkie psychiatrist with Liam, playing the various instruments that compose the track, as the Greek chorus.

The Perfect Parasite

Liam named this week’s “Featured Artist” at LA Music Blog: Extensive interview, pics and videos

Calling Drunk Sluts Forever a “stellar debut” and “a richly diverse collection of multi-faceted, multi-layered alternative rock goodness,” LA Music Blog has chosen Liam Gowing as this week’s Featured Artist! Check out the column for an incredibly in-depth interview about the making of the album with LAMB’s Lesley Park plus previously unpublished pictures and videos going all the way back to LG’s stint writing the Action Man column for the LA Times.

copyright 2013 by Christopher Alvarez Photography

copyright 2013 by Christopher Alvarez Photography